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Use our free GPA Calculator to quickly calculate your school, college, and cumulative GPA.
It accepts the course name, credit hours, and grades of the students to generate an accurate result report.

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Working of GPA Calculator

To use our college GPA calculator, follow the below steps:

  • Enter the semester number.
  • Enter the course details along with the course name, corresponding credit hours, and grade.
  • Add a new course (if required).
  • Add a new semester to calculate the GPA of multiple semesters.
  • Click on “Calculate” to find the result.

Once you click the button, our semester GPA calculator will find out the overall GPA in a single click.
It calculates per semester GPA and displays the points of the courses as shown in the image:

Points Example

You can easily reset all the given values simply by clicking the reset button.
Our CGPA calculator finds out the overall GPA of a student in a
It merges all the individual GPAs that a student has earned in different semesters.

CGPA Example

What is GPA?

The Grade Point Average “GPA” is a number against a specific letter grade (A, B, C or D, etc).
It shows that how students have scored in the specific courses on average.
GPAs are the basic calculations that are based on your grades.
The calculation of GPA starts by converting your grade according to the GPA scale.
The basic 4.0 scale represents the following grades:

GPA Point Example

GPA Calculation Formula

The formula used in GPA calculation is:

GPA = Total Points EarnedTotal Credits Attempted


Total points earned shows = Sum of all grade points

Total Credits Attempted = Total number of credits

How to Calculate GPA?

To calculate the GPA of a random semester, let’s have a look at the below example:

Consider a report card in which the grades and credit hours are:

Semester 1:

1. Subject: English

Grade = A
Credit Hours = 12

2. Subject: Math

Grade = B+
Credit Hours = 15

3. Subject: English

Grade = A
Credit Hours = 12


Step 1:

Calculate the total number of points earned.

Total points earned = Σ (Course Grade Point × Course Credits)
= (A × 12) + (B+ × 15) + (A × 12)

Note: To find the grade value, check the above grade chart.
A= 4.0
B+= 3.3
= (4.0 × 12) + (3.3 × 15) + (4.0 × 12)
= 48 + 49.5 + 48
= 145.5

Step 2:

Calculate the total credits attempted

Total Credits Attempted = Sum of all credit hours
Credit Hours = 12 + 15 + 12
Credit Hours = 39

Step 3:

Put the result values from step 1 and step 2 in the GPA equation.

Total Credits Attempted = Sum of all credit hours
Credit Hours = 12 + 15 + 12
Credit Hours = 39

GPA = Total Points EarnedTotal Credits Attempted

GPA = 145.539

GPA = 3.73

GPA Calculator is free, simple, and easy to use for calculating grade point average. It quickly calculates the school, college, and cumulative GPA of a student.

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